Warranty rules and regulations

  • Be sure to coordinate with the warranty unit before sending the device. (Phone: 021-88196916)
  • After repairing the device, the experts of the warranty unit test the device and deliver it to the customer in perfect health. Therefore, we ask our valued customers to be careful when delivering the device. The deadline for testing the device is possible up to two working days.
  • The warranty unit will only fix the defects mentioned by the customer and will not accept responsibility for other defects.
  • The warranty unit does not accept responsibility for invisible defects or defects not mentioned by the customer.
  • The warranty unit is not responsible for the data on the device.
  • A device that has been damaged due to improper maintenance, water or impact is not covered by the warranty.
  • In case of board burn due to power fluctuations and environmental factors, the device is not covered by warranty.
  • If the device is repaired by unauthorized agents, the device will be void of warranty and no service will be provided.
  • After the repair process is completed and the customer does not come to hand over the device, the warranty unit will keep the device as a trust for one week, and after one week, it has no responsibility for the device.