Zigorat Security

Manufacturer of CCTV cameras of the Padmax brand

Zigorat Security, with its continuous efforts, succeeded in producing and launching its own Iranian CCTV cameras under the brand name Padmax, in addition to being the official representative of the Vivotek brand. Padmax cameras were designed using the latest technology and optimized with the help of reverse engineering on the best global examples so that we can be proud of it today as a great achievement.

Zigorat security provides all types of Padmax and Vivotek CCTV cameras at the best prices in the fastest time to its users, and relying on years of experience, it estimates all the needs of its customers in after-sales service and makes the necessary arrangements, Has taken into account.

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CCTV cameras, Vivtek, PadMax and Industrial Monitors

We have a collection of the best brands to make the best designs for you and take control, monitoring and management, simple and reliable for you by integrating different solutions. We create the most efficient possible solution in video and audio surveillance systems, electronic protection, image analysis and traffic control to increase the level of security and surveillance in the complex under your management.


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